Let me introduce myself, I’m Laura, also nicknamed ironically “the queen of the kitchen” by my friends because I spend my days at the kitchen stove.
Yes, because in addition to cooking for guests who are staying at Casa Santicchio, I also cook for friends, neighbors and anyone who comes to visit us.

I complain about it, because I’m a born complainer and I can’t help it, but I always end up preparing something.

 Not long ago, on one of those rainy days, one of those days like today, where the sun does not want to show its face, a small group of guests, not being able to go trekking, asked me if they could learn how to make pasta, specifically pici (a type of long pasta slightly thicker than spaghetti) with cacio cheese and pepper.

Soon after we were all in the kitchen struggling with flour, water, oil and salt…it was an afternoon spent testing and retesting with plenty of laughter involved and the end result was perfect. 
The Pici with cheese and pepper was delicious, and the guests not only ate it with great satisfaction…they also forgot about the rain.

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