La Verna is surely a magical place.
St. Francis considered it his refuge in prayer and in penance, so much so that in 1224 the saint of Assisi received the stigmata at La Verna.
Since then, the fame and popularity of La Verna has grown so much that it has now become one of the most frequently visited and well-known places of pilgrimage.

The setting has played its part in increasing its appeal: Great forests of beech and fir, the conformation of the rocky Mount Penna and the tooth of rock called the Sacred Stone make La Verna a fascinating and unique place.

It ‘s hard to describe La Verna in just a few lines, the nature that surrounds it, the architectural structures that Franciscan friars were able to create so skilfully, the majestic works of art, its mysticism and the breathtaking views that nature provides.

I could say much more about it, but nothing can compare to what you will experience if you come to visit.

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