One thousand years ago Saint Romualdo, a benedictine monk, came to the mountains of Casentino 
In what is now the hermitage he erected a small church and cells for himself and the hermit monks who were his followers.

Today, those who go to visit the Hermitage will find a village of little houses which are the cells where the monks live. The Hermitage is closed to the public, a gate separates it from the part that is accessible to visitors; that is, Saint Romualdo’s bare cell and the Baroque style church. 

In my opinion the beauty of the Hermitage is also due to its setting, in fact, it lies at the foot of a majestic forest of fir and beech which you will have the pleasure of experiencing while walking around the walls of the Hermitage. 

A few kilometers away is the town of Camaldoli with its sixteenth century monastery. 
Don’t forget to visit the old pharmacy where you can still see ovens and stills, mortars and ceramic vases which the monks used for medicinal preparations.

I suggest you try the Walnut liquor made by the monks of Camaldoli, it’s a true elixir, and the recipe is a very well-kept “secret”.


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