It’s a well-known fact that those who work on a farm have neither Saturdays nor Sundays off, so today we decided to plough a field below ‘Casa Santicchio’ so we can finally sow our organic potatoes.
After a couple of hours work we found an unexpected surprise in a furrow.
A magnificent little hare was hiding, all alone, under a clod of earth.
It was very frightened, trembling, and really small.
We waited a long time hoping to find both its mother and their burrow, but in vain, the hare was all alone in the ploughed field.
So, infected by the enthusiasm of our children, we gave in and decided to take it home and look after it, so now casa Santicchio has a new family member: the hare.
The only indisputable condition is that as soon as it grows big and is able to feed itself, we will return it to the wild, bring it back to the field and with a fond goodbye, we will let it go free.


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