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The Casentino Forest, where the trees reach to the sky...
Entering into the woods of the National Park of the Casentino Forests is a unique experience which could become an unforgettable one: close to the Santuary of La Verna, in an enchanted valley with the evocative name of Vallesanta, the holy valley, Casa Santicchio Refuge is the starting point from where you can experience the beauty of the surrounding nature at its best and discover the dense network of walking trails to be slowly explored…

Because walking gets us back in touch with nature, walking helps us to slow down and to get more in touch both with ourselves and the world.

The Association Una Valle che Cammina (A Valley in Motion), which promotes social development and amateur sports, offers its members the chance to discover the wonderful trails of the Vallesanta, a green bridge between the discreet spirituality of the Hermitage of Camaldoli and the Franciscan spirituality of the Sanctuary of La Verna.


The refuge
Our Refuge is situated in the province of Arezzo in Tuscany, and is surrounded by oak and beech woods that extend up to the Sanctuary of La Verna, the place where Saint Francis lived for long periods and where he received the stigmata.

This farmhouse, far away from roads, lights and noise, has seen, from the year 1000 onwards, countless pilgrims pass by, pilgrims directed to Rome along the Via Major (or Via Romea di Stade) and, more recently, pilgrims travelling from the Hermitage of Camaldoli to the Sanctuary of Chiusi della Verna, to then continue along the Assisi Way.

The Association Una Valle che Cammina, promotes sustainable tourism, the slow discovery of the excellence this territory has to offer, and a more simple style of life, that's more in touch with nature, respect for the environment and for others, incentivizing a more solidarity-based economy.

We are in Casentino, the upper valley of the Arno at Arezzo in Tuscany, which, as well as having great natural beauty is the valley of Dantesque places and religious sites where spirituality has found its maximum expression with the settlements of the monks at Camaldoli and La Verna.

Our Refuge is situated on the slopes of Mount Penna, in Arezzo in Tuscany, on the old road, Romea di Stade, travelled by countless pilgrims over the centuries, pilgrims bound for Rome who passed through the Hermitage of Camaldoli and the Sanctuary of Chiusi della Verna, where Saint Francis received the stigmata and spent long periods of his life.

Our farmhouse is also a refuge for pilgrims: we are a stopping point along the way of the Via Romea di Stade, of the Highway of the Parks, the Sacred Forests and the Way of Saint Francis of Assisi.


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Casa Santicchio is at the centre of a series of trails marked by the National Park of the Casentino Forests, by the CAI and by us.

This allows for easy access on foot to the most beautiful areas and to the most spectacular views, passing through the woods and along the streams. Possible hikes vary in length from a half an hours walk to excursions lasting a whole day. Although it's possible to walk almost all year round, the best seasons here are spring, summer and autumn.

Residential Retreats
Casa Santicchio is the ideal place for residential retreats on yoga, meditation, dance, massage, tai chi, photography, painting and art.

Thanks to the quietness of the location, the beauty of the surrounding wilderness, the genuine food and the authenticity of the place it definitely provides the perfect backdrop for these activities.

Arriving back at our refuge, after a day spent walking on the trails of the Park, you deserve a surprise: our Finnish wellness treatment! Immerging yourself in the larchwood bathtub with spring water at 40 °, you will restore both body and spirit, while admiring the view of Mount Penna, the mountain which was so dear to St. Francis and the place where the Sanctuary of La Verna is found.

In the peace and quiet of Vallesanta, a brief cold shower will prepare you for the Finnish sauna and allow you to enjoy a unique experience.

The Cuisine
The cuisine at Casa Santicchio Refuge in Casentino in Tuscany, has no secrets, it's simply prepared with natural high quality ingredients, coming mainly from our own Organic Farm, and prepared with love and knownow.


Being a member means first of all sharing and supporting the aims of the association Una Valle che Cammina (A Valley in Motion). See Statute.

The ACSI national card provides members with insurance cover for all scheduled activites.

The annual membership cost is 5 euro, and means you can not only participate in the events organized by the association and make use of the refuge (contribution to the running costs of the Refuge fixed at 55 euro for half-board), but also sustain our cultural efforts, support our newsletter, participate at our events, charity walks, days of volunteer work in the Park to clear and maintain walking trails and have insurance cover for all the activities of the association.


May 2013
Romena Abbey

The parish church of Romena is a Romanesque church of great architectural value but not only, the church today is the seat of the Fraternity of Romena, initiative of Don Luigi Verdi. A few hundred meters above the church the Castle of Romena is to be found. It ‘s the oldest castle in Casentino, dating back to the tenth century. The large lawn, the walls, towers and cypress trees of Romena lend it a unique and evocative atmosphere. Today, the calendar of events at the church of Romena is rich in various topics and important names like Luigi Ciotti, Giacomo Panizza, Roberto Mancini and many others. On Sundays the church Read more

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May 2013
The hare at Casa Santicchio

It’s a well-known fact that those who work on a farm have neither Saturdays nor Sundays off, so today we decided to plough a field below ‘Casa Santicchio’ so we can finally sow our organic potatoes. After a couple of hours work we found an unexpected surprise in a furrow. A magnificent little hare was hiding, all alone, under a clod of earth. It was very frightened, trembling, and really small. We waited a long time hoping to find both its mother and their burrow, but in vain, the hare was all alone in the ploughed field. So, infected by the enthusiasm of our children, we gave in and decided Read more

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Apr 2013

Sitting with us at our table today is a young Korean who is walking along the Way of Assisi, by himself.  He arrived here tired with sore feet and a throbbing head but nevertheless very very happy to be travelling, travelling on the path of St. Francis. We welcomed him with open arms because those who are “on the way” are not only on a path traced on a map, but also on life’s path, and that we share with them. Welcome pilgrim, welcome to our home and our table.

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Apr 2013

There is nothing more inviting than a dip in the river Corsalone. Just a couple of kms from Casa Santicchio, at Rimbocchi to be more precise, the river offers a wonderful natural setting. The weir is our local attraction par excellence, as well as being suitable for swimming it is characterized by a series of rockpools eroded over time, where one can enjoy what I would venture to call a real natural hydromassage. Spending a morning at the river is regenerating, believe me. The white trout of Casentino also lives in this river, a unique and endangered species at risk of extinction. Remember that you need a permit to fish. Read more

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Apr 2013

Spring is coming!!! It’s my favorite season to visit the Foreste Casentinesi National Park. Colour…..scent….flavor….. We propose a very Special  Offer For one week stay, only 200 euro for 2 person. May 2013 Accommodation in comfortable apartment.  

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How to get here
The Casa Santicchio Refuge is situated within the National Park of the Casentino Forests, in the township of Chiusi della Verna, right along one of the walking trails of the park.

If you are coming from the E45, from Chiusi della Verna or from Badia Prataglia, you will find us along the road to Bibbiena, 2 km after Rimbocchi.

If you coming from Bibbiena, we are 2km before Rimbocchi.
From the road there is one and a half kilometers of dirt road to get to us, which, being one of the National Park's trails, requires a four-wheel drive vehicle.

Our guests usually park their car one kilometer from the house, and we provide a shuttle service with our jeep.

For the more athletic guests it's just a walk....

For hikers who are arriving on foot from Badia Prataglia the trail is the 070 that at Poggio della Forca splits, from here follow the 070A which will bring you to the refuge.

For those who are arriving from Rimbocchi take the 070 trail and at Podere Caggio follow for Casa Santicchio.

GPS Point: 43.755 – 11.906

Casa Santicchio
Rifugio a Chiusi della Verna nel Casentino in Toscana.

Loc. Casa Santicchio, 15 52010 Chiusi della Verna (AR)

Tel:+39.0575.1787586 Mob: +39 347 7694688
Email: info@santicchio.org

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